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 CHIO Aachen 2004
Video Series
Open Grand Prix Freestyle

  Open Grand Prix Freestyle 
$24.95 plus Shipping

All ten complete Grand Prix Freestyle rides videoed from the Judges' view at "C"  with marks by movement on the screen during each movement.  Only 4 per country could compete in the CDIO Grand Prix classes.  These open classes were super with several competitors making teams for Athens. 

Judges: E: Dr. Vincenzo Truppa, ITA; H: Dr. Wojciech Markowski, POL;  C: Francis Verbeek-van Rooy, NED; M:  Dr. Volker Moritz, GER; B:  Bernard Maurel, FRA. Rides in order of go.  Approx. 79 minutes.  
1 Falcao 12 Victoria Max-Theurer AUT 70.025
2 Cockney 7 Nadine Capellmann GER 71.750
3 Ranier Robert Dover USA 71.625
4 Don Bolero Kristy Oatley-Nist AUS 72.550
5 Solox Carex Tinne Vilhemson SWE 71.375
6 Tannenhof's Solero Anja Ploenzke GER 74.225
7 Breitling W Wolfram Wittig GER 75.500
8 Krack C Anky van Grunsven NED 78.875
9 Aragon Guenter Seidel USA 72.375
10 Wahajama-UNICEF Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff GER 74.775

Krack C, Anky van Grunsven, NED, Extended Trot, 78.875

Breitling W, Wolfram Wittig, GER, One Tempis on Centerline, 75.500

Wahajama, Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, GER, Extended Trot, 74.775

Wahajama is the only mare I've ever seen compete with her forelock unbraided.  "Wahajama's woman enough to let her hair down!"  Ann Kathrin confirmed that Wahajama is a diva and won't let them braid her forelock. 

Tannenhof's Solero, Anja Ploenzke, 1/2 pass, 74.225

All photos are stills from the videos. 

CHIO Aachen 2004  Video Set 

CHIO Aachen 2004 Videos
Each video $24.95 plus shipping

CHIO Aachen 2004  Video Set 

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CDIO Grand Prix 1 CDIO Grand Prix 2
CDIO Grand Prix Special Intermediaire I Freestyles
"Open" Grand Prix Freestyle

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