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The ONLY reason I have a satellite dish is so I can watch your show. Jackie McGorty
BAM! OUT OF THE PARK! HOME RUN! Thank you so much for the  Trakehner segment on Dressage Unlimited.  May God bless you in this worthwhile and monumental venture you've undertaken. Blessings, The Rev. Steve Samples + St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Enid, OK
I enjoy watching your show every week. There is very little TV coverage of equestrian activities and yours is the ultimate. You put a personal touch to your shows and makes the viewer feel like they are there with you. Thank you for all of your hard work and I look forward to many more years of enjoying your show.  Peggy Tibbals
Thanks for the great show. I watch EVERY Friday!! I became interested in dressage from watching your show, and I am now going to start lessons in April with a Spanish dressage trainer in Norco, CA. Gail Santana
I love watching Dressage Unlimited on my directv. I tivo it so I can save each episode and watch it over and over again!! Thanks, Lainy Keller
I LOVE Dressage.com tv and watch every episode. Good Luck and thanks for all your hard work! Janet Stone Marietta, SC 
Your show on RFD is one of my favorites and I try to watch it every week or tape it. Marlis Lange
Just wanted to let you know that I watch your program every week. I often talk it over with fellow competitors. After watching your programs, I was especially disappointed at the coverage of World Cup by Animal Planet - the dressage coverage was pitiful. Susan Nergaard
I watch dressage every week. I love it. I have it set to record and I look forward to each episode. Sounds crazy, by we all feel like we know you, Ky. Your conversational tone and comments is so helpful for those of us just getting started. Julie Cotton, IA. 
Hey Kyra, My name is John, and I'm a 16 year old dressage rider in Texas. Your show is the only Dressage show I can get, and I love it. Keep it up, I am loving the Breed specials on lately. Your show has changed my dressage career, and helped me become a better rider!! -john San Antonio, TX
I want your sponsors to know that I watch Dressage every week. I ride Western but I love watching Dressage and I am just amazed how beautiful the horses are, and the way they move. This show is very educational and informative. Please don't take it off the air. Carol from Wisconsin
Watched Solero this afternoon on Dressage un Ltd tv. How Completely Awesome was THAT performance ?!?!?!?!?! John in Ohio
Please count my husband and I in as loyal viewers. Sally Hankins
I watch Dressage Unlimited every week and look forward to it, especially the training programs as I live in an area where no dressage instructors or shows are nearby. I have learned so much from your program. It keeps me connected to the dressage world. Please keep broadcasting DRESSAGE! Thank you.  Tammy
I watch Dressage on TV. I really appreciate the programming. Thank you! Ann Hayes
As an amateur dressage rider it is the highlight of my week. Leigh Bailey
Count me as a regular viewer. This is one of the very few TV programs I make a point of watching. It's the ONLY thing on television to feed my dressage appetite!! Etta Burgess
I love your program and will be so disappointed if it gets cancelled! It is my thing to look forward to on Friday nites. Keep up the great work. Ann
I'm an avid fan and watch as many of your shows during the week as possible. I live in the city and don't have a horse, used to ride and love horses when I was younger, but now, I love watching and learning from your Dressage Unlimited shows. I enjoy reading your newsletters and visiting your website, too! You're doing a great job!  I wish you the best in everything! You're doing a great service to the dressage community! If you need a good administrative-type volunteer, please let me know, I'm available to help you!  Marie Crandell, Salt Lake City, UT
Hi. There are 4 of us who watch (and love it!!) every week PLUS my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Elmo, who rarely misses an episode...he esp loves watching freestyle and has howled a few times when the music moves him. Geneva Anderson
I watch your show every Friday and I really enjoy it, I only wish it were on for an hour instead of a half hour. It seems that all the other horse shows on RFD TV are for western riders or trail riders. We dressage riders must stick together and try to keep your show on the air and maybe expand it! I have e mailed RFD directly, and maybe some of your other fans could do the same to ask that your show be kept on the air. Keep up the good work and I will continue to watch. Kathy Hogue
Love your show - count us in on your demographics in Arizona! Sam & Ralph
Yes, I watch all the time and would surely hate for your show to be dropped! It's the only one of this kind and I wish it aired more times than three. We have plenty western type. Eleanor Brackman
Just wanted to let you know that we here Michigan watch your program all the time. With my hours I can only watch it at 4:30 Sunday mornings but it is worth it. Great coverage.
Just wanted to let you know that I am a faithful DressageUnLtd. viewer and have it as my #1 Tivo recording in case I miss an episode and to be able to watch again. Debi
Just a note to let you know, as per your request, that I watch your show EVERY WEEK and really value it!!! I have five Morgan and Morgan crosses that I'm working with, and it's great to see your video clips as the standard to which I am moving towards. Julie Williams
I love watching the skilled riders and horses on your program. Sue Hansen
I LOVE your dressage shows. I watch faithfully, and I hope that there will be many more. (Dressage Unlimited) Please come back with a new series showing all the top riders, clinics, and competitions!!!!! My favorite is the musical freestyle and the clinics. I'll close now to order some videos for myself & my coach. Dale Coughlin-Speyrer
Hello, I just saw your program. I am not a horse person, my wife Tina is. I'm an old city guy out of Philly but I totally enjoyed your show. You say clean it without all the bells and whistles. I like straight talk. Dan 
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching your show. It is such a treat to me to find it on! Keep up the good work. I have learned so much from watching your show! Amber Johnson Billings, MT
Love your show. Thank you so much for all you have done for all of us who adore dressage. Ruth Sigal
I am male, 54 and never miss your show. My wife usually watches with me, especially if Brentina and Debbie McDonald are on the show at all. I breed and ride Haflingers (enjoyed the breed show on them)  Thanks for your efforts and dedication. Michael LeVasseur
I watch Dressage Unlimited every Friday night. I have owned and trained horses since 1960 and just acquired my first Andalusian ,22 years young, but can still do the dressage moves like a youngster.I really love your show, especially involving history of Andalusians and Lippizans since I can't get this knowledge anywhere but Dressage Unlimited.  Sharon, NV
I watch your program every friday night and love it. Barbara Thompson Maylene, AL
Just finished watching your Dressage show...want you to know how much we have enjoyed the program. We are a retired couple who love to travel in our RV and we've enjoyed learning about horses and visited the Kentucky Horse Park last summer. We live in Southern California, as people like to say "the OC" we are not riders but love animals in general, always have a dog. Thank you so much for introducing us to Dressage, the horses, the training, and the competition. We look forward to next seasons shows. Gene and Jane Patterson
Just watched this week's edition of dressage on tv. My husband and I watch every Friday evening and enjoy your show immensely. We certainly hope you will be able to continue your programming. Thank you for your dedication to the sport! Christine Perry-Siems, DVM
I love to watch your show, Dressage Unlimited, on RFD TV, every chance I get. I grew up on a ranch in South Texas, and have always been fascinated by the art of dressage. Keep up the good work! Lynn Freeborn
Ky - I have been watching Dressage Unlimited on RFD-TV since it first started being shown. Please keep it coming. I happen to be a western trail rider who loves dressage. Dressage appeals to lots of people...not all of whom are dressage riders or even riders at all. I love your program! Linnea
I am happy to add my name to your viewer numbers as requested on your program on RFD TV. I still can’t believe that I can watch the best dressage horses and riders in the world right on t.v.!! Until your show, most people could only dream about seeing such quality and skill in horsemanship and horses (except for maybe 30 seconds of dressage coverage in the Olympics).I can hardly express the inspiration your show gives me, both in my horsemanship and just as a beautiful thing to watch. I hope that Dressage Unlimited continues for a very long time.Karen Anderson Phelan, California
Just watched another one of your dressage tv programs. Wanted to email you this note to tell you THANKS THANKS for the production. WE LOVE WATCHING YOUR Programs and watch faithfully each time they are on !!!!!!!!!!!Dressage is just the most beautiful , artistic, and precision entertainment of most anything we ever watch. Thanks again for your dedication and televising these programs. Gary and Carolyn Gregg Lake City, Iowa
Besides contacting you to add me to your list as faithful viewers to give your sponsers a "head count," I also want to thank you so much for having a program on last week on Trakehners. I couldn't believe my eyes when it came on after I had just emailed you about two weeks earlier. Solero is such a fine horse. I really appreciate your showing that program, as you don't hear very much about Trakehners. Attached is a photo of my wonderful horse, Sweet Patootie, so you can see us since we get to see you every Friday! I love your programs. They keep me inspired all that much more in my goals with Toots. Thanks again! Marilynn Zolanek Wheat Ridge, CO
I`m a 55-year-old grandma, a former Arabian mom, and am now disabled due to Lyme Disease. I`ll never ride again, let alone walk much. Sigh... :o( So to make up for the lack of anything equine in my life, I watch any horse programs I can find and yours is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work, dear lady, and please, find me more Arabians inside of big balls! That blew my mind!!!! Take care, Marshalee Hallett, (in Provo, Utah)
Just a note to let you know that I watch your show without fail... I own an Arabian with my friend Jil and I gave a Morgan to my grandaughter Amanda... Together we buy a lot of horse related products !! Keep up the good work... John Darlington
Thank you so much for Dressage Unlimited! The thing I appreciate the most about your show is that you really understand harmony. You REALLY get it! On your show I see these wonderful partnerships, where horse and rider are thoroughly enjoying their dance together. You are showing the best horsemen in the sport! Often I get choked up just watching something so beautiful. After seeing riders at local shows try to ride above their level on unhappy horses I just turn around, go home, and watch your show to remind myself what dressage is supposed to be. For your demographics, I am a 52-year-old white female, mechanical engineer. I keep two horses on my 9-acre farm, one 28 y.o. appaloosa (retired) and one 9 y.o. TB. I ride dressage to help me ride trails better - but trails are my real love.
I have also been challenged to start riding again after a serious injury. Your show today really hit home - harmony comes from understanding and clear communication, and as your example of "one step walk, halt, two steps walk, halt" shows, you need to start at the place you are comfortable! Every step you take from there is a step forward, and soon you are running free. There is no room for fear.
There is nothing in this world that demands self-honesty more than riding a horse, and the people you choose to profile are honest horsemen - which means you are too! Good luck, good riding, and hope you can keep filming forever! Beverly Brown Fairborn, Ohio
I watch your show faithfully every Friday night on RFD TV and I heard you say tonight that you need people to write to you so you can tell potential advertisers that indeed people do want to see dressage on television. I hope you can continue this program and you can find many sponsors to help defray the cost. There are a huge number of people who appreciate what you are doing and if there is anything I can do please let me know. Thank you for all your efforts! Kathy Hogue
I saw your show for the first time today and really enjoyed it. I have seen dressage before but it really made an impression on me watching “the Masters (horse and rider)” perform it on the show I watched today. Just wanted to say I plan on watching this program from now on. It was amazing to see the controlled and collected movement of the horses and the coolness of the riders during the performance. Thank you for being willing to make these videos for all to see. Martha Walker
Thank you so much for your “Conquering Your Fear” episode.  I am a 32-year-old western rider who has never had a link to the Dressage world other than a love to watch and your television show. I love how beautiful and harmonious horse and rider appear in Dressage. Your episode really gave me some ideas and I especially liked the one about breathing, since I tend to forget to do that sometimes. It’s a wonder I don’t go hypoxic and fall off!  I have been riding with an mp3 player for two rides now and it really does make a difference. It also makes me “forget” what I’m doing, and relax and enjoy myself. Tomorrow I plan to try that “one stride at the walk, halt.šTwo strides at the walk, halt” exercise very soon.  I never thought I was a “control freak,” but my apprehensions in riding are showing otherwise.  I know perfectly well that I can trust my mare, Richer (ree-SHAY)—after all, I have done all her training since she was 16 months old!—but sometimes I just obsess too much on losing control and getting hurt. Thanks again for your great show. Carri Ann Copas
Don't forget to include me as a regular viewer of 'Dressage'. I just love your show! I am fascinated by dressage. I raise mules and have one in particular in mind that I think would do well in dressage. Sincerely, Susie Berry, Mule Time Farms home of "Mr. Donkey Kong", champion jack Smithfield, Il.P.S. The horse in the 'bubble' was unbelievable!
Congratulations on your 200th show of Dressage Unlimited. You have created an axis to connect and teach dressage enthusiast all over the world. May God bless America and Happy Independence Day. Thank you Kyra for a great program that I wait every week to tape and watch repeatedly, Tammy
I watch your show faithfully every week-from Brooklet, GA Allison
I love the show...Learned about Dressage from the RFD-TV channel that you have created....I love how you explain Dressage....Keep up the good work...You are so lucky to experience it in person...Maybe one day I can attend one of the shows...Lisa Havens.....Enid, Mississippi.... : )
I watch your show every week. Before I had Tivo the timeslot wasn't convenient but now that iIcan record it I never miss it. Martha
I just started watching dressage unlimited about a month ago. I have a DVR and did a search with the word dressage and found the program. The motivation was there was no coverage of the dressage protion of the grand prix. The first show I viewed was Trakehners and the the horse and rider featured was so beautiful I cried. Thank you. Would love to see more.Teresa Allerton
count 3 viewers from this address. We're in New Hampshire and love your show. the Lanings
just a note to tell you how much I enjoy the show. I haven't ridden in years and it brings back so many wonderful memories of the times I rode dressage. I was first introduced to dressage by watching Mike Sutton ride his fabulous Trakenher horse, Beppo. I wonder what happened to him. I look forward to your program every week. Keep up the good work. Sally Neuman
I for one watch your show as well as the other horsey folks here in Redmond, Washington. Keep it up! Ilse 
I watch your show regularly. I got involved with horses late in life as a middle aged man and have been riding and absorbing as much as possible during the last ten years. My interests are in military equitation and mounted military arts. I have competed on my horses, both American Quarterhorses, in the U.S. Cavalry Association's National Cavalry Competition in 2005, placing 2nd in intermediate Military Equitation (essentially a solo dressage test), and the Canadian North American Cavalry Challenge in 2007, placing 2nd in advanced Military Equitation (essentially a pas de deux). I participate in Civil War Cavalry reenactments and also living history programs for school children and visitors at Historic Fort Tejon in California. Keep up the good work and I hope to be viewing your important program for years to come.Best regards, Kerry Savee 
You requested those who watched you show yesterday to write in and verify for the advertisers that you do have a faithful group that watches your show regularly. I do watch every week. I especially wanted to thank you for yesterdays show for those of us who have had an unpleasant experience with a horse. I have fallen off twice and have been twice injured but I still have a strong desire to ride again.Now I have a show on my TIVO that I can replay again and again. My last fall was from a horse that was difficult to stop. The approach you showed actually has a way to be certain that the horse and I will be to train so I am secure that I will be able to stop. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Karen Moore
Just to let you and RFD-TV know that I thoroughly enjoy your program for Dressage Unlimited. Hope you can keep up the good work.
Katherine Maxwell Novato, California
I started watching your program on RFD tv when I came upon it accidentally. My daughter-in-law is a dressage rider and teacher in Hawaii and I wanted to learn more about it. I had looked in my direct-tv listings under Horses, but it was not there. I don't really remember how I found it, but now I watch every week and have developed a much greater appreciation for her dedication to dressage. I especially liked the one the other day where you showed slow motion Canter and Trot, because I was trying to figure it out, but it's easier at the slow speed. I don't ride myself, but I'm an avid viewer and I hope it stays on the air for a long time to come. My husband is still trying to figure out how the riders and trainers manage to teach the horses such complicated moves!
watch and enjoy dressage unlimited all the time. Maggie Lavigne 
You have my gratitude for a great program and I hope that your show continues on RFD. Thank you! Jill Parker
.enjoy the show. Please Leave this show on air, We Love to Watch the Horses DANCE. and it also helps with our own Horses. We Learn alot from it. I HOPE this will HELP Bring in some MUCH needed Sponsorship and ATTENTION for the sport. Thank you, Look forward to seeing you on RFD. sincerely, Beverly Leonard Lucedale,Mississippi
Love the show. Keep up the great work. Barb O'Reilly
I recently moved to a rural area and now get the RFD channel. I started dressage a year ago and really enjoy your program. Elaine 
I live in West Fargo, ND and I adore your show on RFD-TV... Love watching the lovely, almost musical movements... Keep up the good work and thank you for bringing it to us! Deb Rubin I ride Morgans!
I am a 59 yr old disabled female.I make sure and stay up to catch your show  at 3am every Sunday morning. I have two lovely ladies, Wild Sunday Sky an 1995 APHA 15.3 black and white tobiano (and my reason for wanting to get up every day) and her best friend Lucky Baby Dude an registered Foundation bred AQHA sorrel. I became a great fan of dressage after meeting the magnificent Friesians of Proud Meadows and am madly in love with Royal Palm's Tim (who was at Proud Meadows when I first met him) My goal is to own a colt by Tim.Next year I hope to make that dream come true by breeding Sky to Tim.Due to having memory problems I may never be able to remember a test but I can sure appreciate those who can.(G). I've heard that there are a few idiots that want to drop dressage from the Olympics because it is"boring."Excuse me???!!!!!!! It is impossible for anyone whom has ever thrown a leg over a horse to consider dressage boring.Thank you so much for your program. Count me in on your pitch to your sponsers and let them know that there are folks that don't mind staying up late on Saturday night to see poetry in motion One of your devoted viewers Margaret Griffin
2 of us watch your program here at my house. 1 male and 1 female. I hope this helps and that you get lots of sponsorships! Susan Day
I truly enjoy watching the Dressage program that you are providing on RFD-TV. I do not show Dressage; but I find it very interesting and useful. The grand prix dressage horses have always sent chills up my spine and in amazement. These horses have to have special attitudes. Not every horse can handle the athletecisim. Keep up the good work. Sondra Deeter
I watch your show every week on dish  here in Nebraska. Thanks for your time! Keep up the great work. Julie Williams Flytway Morgan Farm
I never miss it!!! Great job & please continue the show for as long as you can. Karen
I love your show. It has been my only lessons after moving here 5 years ago. I hope you can keep producing it. I watch it every week. Even on a fixed income, I spend what I can on the horses of course. Your show is one of the only regular English type programs on tv, or satellite. All the riders and there horses are the most beautiful to watch. In the future I'd like to request a show on the para equestrians. Thanks for having dressage unlimited  TV, Kerri  Ca
Thank you so much for your shows wish I had learned Dressage when I had my horses.
I'm Wendee Walker of  CA. I watch your show on RFD TV and love it. I love how you have traveled the world to video the most talented and beautiful horse and rider pairs. I especially appreciate the slow motion replays so your viewers can study the bend, footfall, and rider position of various dressage moves, that I dream of someday riding.
You seem like a down to earth, approachable person and not an elitist or breed snob. We actually spoke briefly at the USDF convention in 2005. I think the general public gets intimidated by certain aspects of our sport. Also, people new to our sport may think they need to start with a 30,000 + warm blood in order to compete and that is just not true. The USDF has so many awards programs and there is something for everyone. I have been riding dressage for 3 years now and am not intimidated anymore, just very respectful for how much work and passion it takes to move up the levels 
My husband and I both watch - and he doesn't even ride! Lynn
I record every show and watch when I have time to sit down. Diane Dorigan OR
Thank you for your great programs . I watch your show everyweek. Cz
I am dropping you a line to let you know that I do watch your program every Friday night. We all appreciate your work! Thanks for putting dressage on the TV! Beth Hamric
I wanted to let You know that I watch every week here in Ca. Before I had direct tv I was told by many people about Your program and it was one of the reasons I swithed from cable. I would like to put in a request for more clinic's I'm at training level with my mare and I LOVE to watch trainers put horses together and how they do it. Thanks for You hard work and I hope You get enough sponsors to keep the show going. You are the only non western show on the whole channel.. Keep up the good work. Beth Hanley
Have enjoyed your program on RFDTV - am a night nurse so have to rely on my DVR....enjoy the diversity of subjects & shows.....am 53 y.o., have had horses most of my life but only been enjoying dressage for past 10 years. 
Thanks again for your wonderful show - I'll keep on watching. Lisa
Love your show!!!! I(and the other 8 members of my riding group) always watch the program---that makes 9 of us!! Since we can't seem to get the BIG networks to show any dressage---I refer to the recent World Cup fiasco and the lame excuse the Discovery people emailed me---please keep producing your program. Enough with the horseracing and the cowboys---we dressage people spend lots of money on our horses and farms too!! Debbie Hein, IND & KY
Thank you for having the ONLY dressage program on television. I have watched your show on TV for years, and even have it faithfully programmed on TiVo so I don’t miss a single one. I keep my favorites and review them whenever I need inspiration, which is often. You can let potential sponsors know that their products do get noticed – I have reviewed most of the horse merchandise advertised on TV and have purchased several items. Good luck with your show, and please continue to feed the dressage crowd out here. Celeste Raines
I've been watching for over a year now, and it's my favorite program on TV. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ruth Stambaugh  NC
Both my husband and I are faithful viewers. Keep up the good work! Diane and John Poer
Thanks for all the great shows Lori
I love watching Dressage un Ltd on TV. These programs are so well done. I catch all the shows with my TIVO and record to tape the ones that are particularly interesting to me. Often these are passed on to my instructors and friends. Because the commercials are horse oriented I never fast forward over them. I love watching Debbie McDonald and Brentina because she exemplifies what I am trying so hard to obtain, harmony between me and my horse. Keep these shows coming.Jeanette Ciciora
I've been watching for over a year now, and it's my favorite program on RFDTV. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ruth Stambaugh Black Mountain, NC
I have missed the dressage on Friday nights on RFD TV Has it been cancelled or is it on another time? I cant seem to fine when it is showing. please if you could tell me when it is thank you so much. Pam Haring
I can not find Dressage Unlimited on my RFD TV anymore! I had to postpone my service for 3 months and when we turned it back on, I can no longer find it. Is it still on there? I really miss it, as that was one of the reasons we hooked back up our service! Thanks, Sarah
I enjoy watching your show every week on RFDTV. There is very little TV coverage of equestrian activities and yours is the ultimate. You put a personal touch to your shows and makes the view feel like they are there with you. Thank you for all of your hard work and I look forward to many more years of enjoying your show. Yours truly, Peggy Tibbals
I have watched Dressage Unltd. every Friday on RFD-TV. Every Friday, that is, except today when I discovered it missing from the channel lineup!!! Please don't tell me that the show has been dropped! I searched their programming and could find nothing. My friends and I will be devastated if your wonderful show disappears. Please say it isn't so!  Thank you, Donna Alley Weatherford, TX

First I must say "Thank you for you!-and all that you do.." Your show  is the highlight of many of our weeks...! 

Next ...I wanted to know if the freestyle of Wahajama is in complete form on any of the tapes you have. I have watched it at least 12 times (thank goodness for Tivo) and it still practically brings tears to my eyes! WOW.

I had never seen this pair before and they are my new favorites...

Again Thank you

I was just watching a tape last night of GOOD dressage... it was  from Dressage un Ltd ... and featured some AWESOME horse and rider combos.

Ironically, my boyfriend and I had watched some of the Olympic Dressage coverage the day before, and I was trying (pretty much in vain) to find good movements to point out to him. Now Dan has only been into horses for the 6 years we've been together... and for most of that time our horses have been pasture potatoes... I don't have a horse schooling at anything but barely first level right now, and I'm incredibly out of shape, so most of my instruction to him has to be based on what should be. <VBG>

Dan was disgusted with the Olympic coverage he saw. This tape was WONDERFUL. It showed the best movements from each of the performances in real time AND slow motion, describing why they were scored so high. A great variety of horses, and some stellar, beautiful riding. Subtle (I've always told Dan dressage is like dancing with a partner who leads well... it looks effortless, and you don't see the cues) and flowing, not stiff and restricted. Lovely stuff.

We just got satellite TV last Wednesday.. but I HIGHLY recommend anyone to try to see Dressage un Ltd.




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