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The Tribute Arena

Blue Hors Matiné, 1/25/10

Candy, 11/17/2009

Susan Sexton, Equine Photographer

Gigolo, 4 time Olympic Gold


Patrick Swayze, Arabian Horse Lover & Actor
Patrick and Tammen
Jean-Claude Racinet, dressage expert & author, "Riding in Lightness"
Siglavy Mantua I, solo performer for the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, loved by audiences everywhere including his final US tour in 2005.  It was an honor to be allowed to film him.  Born in 1979, he was still performing until just recently.  He was 26 when he performed his solo on the US tour in 2005. Siglavy Mantua I was "a horse in 100 years"
Sitni, Leslie's beloved I-1 partner
No test movement was too hard for him, yet he was safe enough for his mom, an adult amateur.  "I often thought he'd love to come home with me each  night,watch TV, hang out, share a pizza...he really  was that kind of  guy!" 

Theodore O'Connor
© www.PhotosByDove.com

Theodore "Teddy" O'Connor, the incredible eventing pony 

Ky's Beloved Lab
September 11, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti, September 6, 2007
George Theodorescu, August 21, 2007
João Oliveira, May 7, 2007
Guizo, November 27, 2006
Sylvester March 2006
Kurt Albrecht August 1, 2005 
Wall Street June 5, 2005

Carol Plough
May 16, 2005
Photo by Terri Miller

Walk on Top, Hanoverian Breeding Stallion
April 24, 2005

Caitlin Parker Ben-Dror, Young Rider
November 21, 1985 - November 20, 2004
George Schimpf, Equestrian, Instructor
March 9, 2005
Sarah's Tribute
Princess, 3/5/05
Sheree's Tribute
Calamity Jane a.k.a. CJ, 3/5/05
Bernie's Tribute
Baron von Blixen-Finecke
A classical master

Ferro, 2/16/05

Sugar, 2/3/05
Ky's Beloved Angus Cow - What a grand lady!
Farbenfroh, 12/20/04

A Friend's Lament
In Memory of My Friend, Theo.  
Pharaoh (as recited to Josie Whitman)
Egon von Neindorff, 5/19/04
Beaurivage, 3/28/04
Debbie McDonald and Beauri learned dressage together from 1st Level to International Grand Prix and a first World Cup
Beauri competed with Jane Thomas at PSG & Intermediaire
Recently, Beauri was Peggy Thomas's partner



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