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Susan Sexton
November 11, 2009

Susan shown here with Ky's Diala when Susan gave a photo class at Ky's.  by Kyra Beth Houston

Susan Sexton, famous throughout the equestrian community for her spectacular photos, lost her battle to cancer on November 11, 2009.  Susan was my personal friend and colleague.  

We first met at Gladstone, US National Dressage Championships, in 1995. Susan immediately welcomed me and said, "Let me show you how to take dressage photos" and she did just that. 

Several years later, she was doing a stallion shoot at Woodridge Farm and offered to give a photo class at my home.  She used my Diala as a model asking her to repeatedly trot and canter for all of us photographers, which Diala was delighted to do.  Of course, Susan had treats for Diala.  

The best advice Susan gave me, was to "get in synch with the horse" to capture the perfect moment.  As this was before digital, she advised us to practice without film.  It seemed easy for Susan to do this, but I was amazed at how easy it was for me, too.  

We often met at dressage events including Atlanta 1996 where Susan shared my condo.  Susan took this photo of Klaus Balkenhol and Goldstern especially for me.  I am delighted that Susan chose my photo of her with the mounted police we interviewed at Atlanta on her website.  Photographers rarely get their pictures taken at events.  

Klaus Balkenhol and Goldstern, Atlanta 1996 by Susan Sexton

We had great fun at Atlanta as is shown in the photo of Susan with the mounted police.  

Susan, you will always live in the special photos you took.  


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