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The Tribute Arena

Four time Olympic Gold

Gigolo and Isabell at his retirement party Gigolo performing at Aachen @ Bonnie Rombach

9/24/09 Isabell Werth: I am so sad. Yesterday we had to put Gigolo down. His health situation declined so badly after he had sustained an injury. Gigolo was 26 years old and he had accompanied me for 20 years. To me he was a friend, a teacher and a sport partner. His reliability and his commitment were most outstanding. 26 is a blessed age and I am glad that he could spend the autumn of his life here at our place were he had a good time with his friend Fabienne on the pasture. 

Once in a while he might have thought of the all our victories we had celebrated in ten years as a sports couple: Four times we won Olympic Gold, two times Olympic Silver, we also won four World-, eight European and four German Championships. Thereby Gigolo was the most successful sport horse ever. Beyond the sport Gigolo had shaped my life and I remember our years with gratefulness. I am sure: Gigolo will stay not only in my memory.

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