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September 11, 2007

"Making the Angels Smile".  Lady, my yellow Lab, loved to go in the car.  Every time, she would make someone smile -- strangers would roll down their windows to talk to her at stop signs, people would always be talking to her when I'd come back to the car.  What a wonderful gift to bring everyone sunshine.  

Lady had a Marilyn Monroe wiggle to her walk and a helicopter tail that would do spins when she was excited, which was often.  She LOVED to eat and peanut butter dog biscuits were her special treat.  She trained me well and made sure she got plenty as after dinner snacks.  She was a professional cookie moocher.  Every night after dinner, she'd so convincingly and eagerly tell me it was treat time --- I always wanted to get a photo and of course, never did.  

Frozen yogurt was a favorite summer treat.  The bank used to give dog biscuits at the drive up window, so I kept cookies in the Bronco so she got a treat every time I came out of any store. 

Lady came as a Lab Rescue 13 years ago.  How anyone could abuse a loving puppy like Lady, I'll never understand.  It was years before she quit cowering when I'd pick up anything that she thought could be a weapon.  I thought she would wet the floor the first time I tried to wash the mud off her feet.  Cookies to the rescue.  I'd coax her into the shower with a cookie and not even attempt to turn on the water.   Cookies and patience and soon she was going into the shower expecting a treat.  

She devoured chew bones and could hold three big bones in her mouth at once.  First with Jack and then Princess, the game was her bone is better and any unattended bone is fair game.  Just last week, when Princess was distracted by a squirrel, Lady stole her bone. [Princess is the ultimate bone hoarder --- she must have a stash of 30 or more and there were always more.] 

Lady was always with me -- moving from room to room whenever I did.  She loved to go feed the horses and wasn't above chowing down on the horse carrots if I left them within her reach.  

Lady filled the house and my heart with joy.  I miss her so much. 

Life was always full speed ahead - enjoy every moment.  I'm sure Lady is making the angels smile.  

Rainbow for Lady

Rainbow in Gulf Breeze just prior to sunset on 9-11-07

Dove Bogan


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