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March 3, 2006
Beth Glass

Well, one of my best friends has passed. He was a very old kitty, we know he was at least 17, probably closer to 19 years old. He took his job as house cat seriously. He made sure all my quilts had the proper amount of cat hair in them. He greeted all guests warmly as if they had (of course) come to see him.

He made sure things were run on schedule. He let us know if anything were amiss, or if there were any dangerous animals in the yard.

A couple of years ago he had started to lose weight and his coat started to look dull. We also suddenly found lots of grey hair around his muzzle and eyes. He developed little grey shadows in his eyes, and some mornings he was stiff. He loved to be brushed, and you could lay him on his back in your lap to comb his belly and give his legs and body a good slow stretch. We took him to the vet who did some dental work on him, and said that his kidneys were beginning to go.

2 months ago Sylvester started to lose a lot of weight despite eating all his food with a good appetite. He started being lethargic. Yesterday he had trouble just standing still. He would stagger somewhere, and stand there like a drunk trying to figure out how to get to the next place. We called his regular vet ( a cat specialist) who was "booked up", so couldn't see him until Monday.

We took him to another vet who informed us that his kidneys had all but shut down. For a large amount of money they could do dialysis every few months, and he could live a while longer. We decided that his quality of life would not be improved with this change in lifestyle, so after some heart-rending deliberation decided to let him go.

The house is very quiet now. I still don't understand how a cat that weighed just 12 pounds could sound like a lion stalking the hallways. I miss his voice complaining that he wasn't getting the attention he needed, or a meal was late. I miss him on my lap.

But I know he is comfortable now and that is what is important. The tears will stop eventually. It is funny how these little balls of fur wriggle into your heart and curl up in there.

Good Bye, Syl, we will miss you.



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