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Lusitano Stallion
November 27, 2006

Guizo, the bay Lusitano stallion, originally purchased as a family horse and competed at lower levels by the children before being given to trainer Juan Antonio Jimenez Cobo of Madrid, Spain to compete as high as possible died after colic surgery on November 27, 2006 at the age of 18.  Together, Guizo and Juan represented Spain in their country's first ever Team Bronze medal at World Equestrian Games, Jerez 2002 and then Team Silver at Athens 2004. 

They delighted audiences with their freestyle including their one-tempis on a 15 meter circle at C right in front of the judges.  Guizo was a trail blazer for the Lusitano breed proving that the breed could not only compete at international grand prix, but win medals at the highest levels. 

The pair won the Spanish national championships in dressage in 2005 at Cordova, the birthplace of Juan.  Their last major competition was at World Equestrian Games in Germany, August, 2006 where the team finished 10th competing without the veteran Beauvalais who was slightly injured just before the games. 

Guizo was always a delight to film and is sadly missed.  



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