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Rockefeller a.k.a. Rocky
Bent Jensen
by Sue Zirbes

Rocky was bred in Denmark by Jytte Kolster, who bred his dam Louisiana to Rubinstein a number of times for beautiful offspring. Bent (maybe unfortunately now) just gelded Rocky's full brother Rushcutter. His full sister, Raggae, is a champion in Denmark. Ky, were I not married, I would have mortgaged my house, she was for sale at one point for $25K. Peggy's filly Ricochet was the champion foal at the Oldenburg/ISR inspection last year. Now, as a yearling, she's looking just like her aunt. 

Anne Kursinski rode Rocky at the Winsome Dressage/Jumper Spectacular this year for their 7th straight win Anne says nice things about Rocky in that article.

Rocky was first provisionally approved GOV, and Bent did not want to send him to the 100-Day test. His permanent license was granted on his performance at 4th level and PSG as a 6-year old. The ISR just took one look at him and approved him.

By the end of the breeding season, Peggy would put the halter with the bell on it on him, and he would prance out to the dummy ready to go. If Lin was late in arriving with the AV, Rocky would look around, impatient, but rock hard and good. Then he'd just leap the dummy and do his thing.




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