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March 5, 2005

She is gone now but will not be forgotten. 
She is a pain free place now where her body will not fail her.

It was really a shock for us. Most of the dogs of this breed do have heart issues (MVP). We've known for a few years that her issues were getting worse as she aged.

On Thursday she was fine during the day but started acting strange as the
evening progressed. Near midnight she was starting to have trouble breathing so I took her to my vet who is open 24/7. At first they told me she'd have to spend the night and be given oxygen to help her breath. They gave her the max medications they could IV to ease the breathing. After that they took her for a chest X-ray. They came back in to show me x-rays and told me should would not make it even through the night.. Due to her heart disease, her heart was enlarged to almost the size of her entire chest (should be the size of two vertebrae). 

She was put to rest around 1am Friday morning. She'll have a private cremation and I'll find a nice box for her remains. I really did not expect that this would be the outcome. I thought the vets would keep her a few days and help her through it. When I decided to take her to the vet, I took her myself. I didn't think Jason needed to be woken since he needs his rest and he wakes up SO early for work. He didn't even get to say goodbye. I tried to call him before Princess was put to rest but he
sleeps so soundly that he never heard the phone.

She was such a cutie and a wonderful, wonderful dog.


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