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World Equestrian Games

Jerez 2002


World Equestrian Games

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Dressage un Ltd's Jerez 2002 WEG Best Moves video. Filmed, edited and produced by Dressage un Ltd's team. 

A masterpiece educational dressage video using the top international Grand Prix Special rides at Jerez 2002 World Equestrian Games. Each movement of the Special "called" with judges' directives, performed by several of the top scorers at that movement, in real time and slow motion replay with judges' marks by movement on the screen.  See 10s, 9s, 8s and a few 7s.  Virtual Best Grand Prix Special in real time and slow motion. A full two-hours that you will watch again and again -- learning something new each time.  

Includes:  Ulla Salzgeber & Rusty, GER; Lisa Wilcox & Relevant, USA; Beatriz Ferrer-Salat & Beauvalais, ESP; Debbie McDonald & Brentina, USA; Nadine Capellmann & Farbenfroh, GER; Rafael Soto & Invasor, ESP; Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff & Renoir, GER; Lone Jorgensen & Kennedy, DEN; Klaus Husenbeth & Piccolino, GER: Sue Blinks & Flim Flam, USA; Lars Petersen & Blue Hors Cavan, DEN. Learn by watching each of the top scoring movements by the best international competitors

Ulla Salzgeber, GER, and Rusty had 2 10's on the one-tempis (9.0 average), and had the high average mark or tie for 12 of the 38 movements plus 8.2 high for impulsion.

Debbie McDonald USA and Lisa Wilcox USA tied for the high 8.4 for rider seat and aids.

Farbenfroh, Nadine Capellmann, GER
(click for larger picture - still from video)

Canter 1/2 Pass High Score, Tie, 8,8,8,9,7, 8.0
Brentina, Debbie McDonald, USA
Beauvalais, Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, ESP
Relevant, Lisa Wilcox, USA
(click for larger picture - still from video)

Piaffe, High Score, 8,8,9,8,8, 8.2
Rusty, Ulla Salzgeber, GER
(click for larger picture - still from video)
Trot half pass, High Score, 9,8,9,9,8, 8.6
Piccolino, Klaus Husenbeth, GER
Invasor, Rafael Soto, ESP
10s on canter pirouette
Flim Flam, Sue Blinks, USA
Kennedy, Lone Jorgensen, DEN
Blue Hors Cavan, Lars Petersen, DEN
Click for larger picture - still from video

One-tempis High Score 8,8,8,9,8, 8.2
Renoir, Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff, GER
9's and 10s for walk



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