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The Amazing Dressage Test
(For Horses Unsuitable to Become Anything)
The Rest of the Story

By: Joanna MacDonald et al
(used with author's permission)
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1. A. Enter at ordinary serpentine

2. C. Stop dead. Stare in horror at Judge and shy to left.
Continue at ordinary working gallop.

        3. E. Stagger left 20 or 15 or 22 meters in diameter
            circle or pear shape or five pointed star. Avoid excessive crossing of legs.

4. K. Begin to halt
   Z. Keep trying
     F. You can do it
               B. Pulley rein. Give up.
                                  Continue at out of hand gallop

5. H. Regain right stirrup.
Continue at ordinary trot. Bouncing

6. MKT. Change rein, free walk, loose reins.
Remove horse from judge's luncheon table.
Ask Judge for leg up. Jump back into ring.

7. Z. Turn down centre line.
Halt. Grin. Burst into tears.
Leave arena at free walk on long reins, loose language.

And Now The Rest of The Story

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Horsey Humor
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