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Ten Signs Your Dressage Test Needs More Work
from Michael Matson

1. Under judges remarks she writes only: "Nice braid job."

2. Horse confuses dressage arena rail for a cavaletti; exits at K.

3. Your circles shape reminds the judge that he should pick up eggs on the way home.

4. Your serpentine was perfect, except that it was supposed to be a straight centerline.

5. Sitting trot has caused some fillings to be loosened in lower molars.

6. Your horse believes "free walk" means leaving the arena and heading towards the nearest patch of grass.

7. Your working trot had you working harder then your horse.

8. In your salute, your inadvertently use your whip hand causing your horse to perform airs above the ground.

9. Your walk seems to be more "rare" than "medium."

10. Impulsion improves only after the horse sees monsters in the decorative shrubbery near letters.

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Horsey Humor
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