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How to Take a Photo of Your Foal
from Beth Glass 
Photo with permission: Woodridge Farm

  1. Remove film from box and load camera.

 2. Remove film box from foal's mouth and throw in corner of lot.

 3. Remove foal from corner and brush dirt from muzzle.

Got Milk?
Goodie Gumdrops
Grey Hanoverian Filly, 
born March 24, 2000  by Der Radetzky, out of Elite mare Goodie Two Shoes

 4. Choose a suitable background for photo.

 5. Mount camera on tripod and focus.

 6. Coax foal into pre-focused spot and return to camera.

 7. Find foal again.

 8. Forget about pre-focused spot and remove camera from tripod.

 9. Chase around after foal, trying to look nonchalant.

 10.Focus with one hand and fend off foal with the other hand.

 11.Get tissue and clean nose print from camera lens.

 12.Find foal again.

 13.Unfold tripod from scrambled mess in dirt.

 14.Find foal again.

 15.Put cat in tack room and put peroxide on scratch on foal's nose.

 16.Find foal again.

 17.Try to get foal's attention by squeaking a toy over your head.

 18.Replace your glasses and check camera for damage.

 19.Fix a drink.

 20.Sit back, relax and drink and resolve to teach foal "whoa" and "stand"  first thing in the morning.



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Horsey Humor
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