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Farriers Greeting Cards

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Top Ten Ways to Get Rid of Your Farrier
1. Always wait until the last minute to schedule your shoeing appointments.
2.  Do not handle your horses' feet at all.  Especially the young ones.
3.  Make sure your horses are loose in the pasture when your farrier arrives.  The larger the pasture the better.
4. Read horse magazines so you can instruct your farrier on the latest shoeing techniques.
5.  Fill the shoeing area with as many obstructions as possible.  Dogs and children count extra.
6.  Be sure and feed the other horses while the farrier is working. 
7. Lead the horses through mud before bringing them to be trimmed or shod.
8.  Don't clean your stalls and don't use fly spray.
9.  Complain about the bill shortly after pointing out the high price of your new truck, daughter's horse, boat, etc.
10.  Delay paying the bill as long as possible
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