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Bonnie Sue Allen Rombach

Once Up On A Horse
Bonnie’s memoir is an entertaining story of a girl who lost her father as a child and grew up in the mid-western United States under the guidance of strong, self confident women.  After experiencing a pony ride at four and riding lessons in a summer camp at seven, she was hooked on horses, which became a central theme throughout her life.  She had little doubt about her ability to survive, but the circumstances of her childhood, her negative physical self-image, and her first love encounters left her insecure about her femininity.  Her desire to become a professional horsewoman and her search for male love led her on a unique Odyssey travelling on her own throughout Europe in the 1960’s

2008 Calendar

Bonnie Rombach


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Kyra Kyrklund
Andiamo Tyme

Jan Brink

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Jan Brink & Briar, Grand Prix Champions
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My Ties to the Soers by Bonnie Rombach
In 1957 I joined the Hoofers Riding Club as a student at the University of Wisconsin, USA. A fellow Hoofer was a student from Germany who wowed us with film of Hans Günter Winkler and Halla winning the 1955 World Jumping Championship in the Soers. 

Once out on my own I could no longer deny my first love. I bought an airline ticket, packed my bags, and told my family "I'll be back." The Landes Reit-u. Fahrschule in Wuelfrath, Rhineland near Dusseldorf under the tutelage of Albert Brandl was where I landed. The next few years were filled with intense learning and wonderful friendships.  more
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Kyra Kyrklund and Andiamo Tyme, Finland
Jan Brink and Briar, Sweden
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Bonnie Rombach
These days (approaching senior citizenhood), when I contemplate what I have done, where I have been, or who I am, the phrase "equine lurker" comes to mind. I was bitten by the "equus virus" while having my first pony ride as a four year old. I never found a cure. My first job was at a riding stable. My first major purchase (at 12) with money earned working at the local riding stable was a horse. At 18 I helped a friend organize a local horse show. After graduation from the University of Wisconsin in math education, my first acquisition was a horse (not a car). Going to Europe to continue my equestrian education seemed to be my destiny. Just a few "Lurking" highlights:
  • Spanish Riding School under Alois Podhajsky - observed morning schooling; 
  • First Trakehner Auction in Germany after WWII held in Wuelfrath, Rheinland - braided the horses;
  • First postwar branding of warmbloods in the Rheinland - held the mare;
  • Dressage highlights attended at CHIO Aachen - St. Cyr’s retirement, Klimke’s first European Championship win, Petrushkova and Pepel’s World Championship win;
  • First Equitana in Essen, Germany - brought imported Polish warmbloods;
  • First all dressage show at McCormick Place in Chicago - judged the lower classes;
  • 1986 World Dressage Championships in Cedar Valley, Ontario, Canada - bookkeeper;
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto - horse show clerk and head of data entry;
  • Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (producer of the Aachen CHIO) - translator of the 1998 Centennial Chronicle;
  • Aachen's bid for the FEI World Equestrian Games 2006 - translator of the Bid Book.

In my 20’s I spent 3 1/2 wonderful years at the state riding school in Wuelfrath, Rheinland under Albert Brandl, married a German professional trainer, produced two great children, taught hundreds of young riders, and bred scores of nice sport horses both in Germany and Canada.

These are some of the experiences that I would like to share with other infected persons who perhaps have not had the same opportunities or just not yet lived enough years.

Bonnie puts her dressage experience to work behind the camera each year at CHIO Aachen and translating equestrian publications from German to English.  


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