Dressage IS the Partnership  between Horse and Rider, Dressage becomes Art when it is a Joy for the horse.
Dressage.com is NOT for sale at this time :)  Thank you very much for your generous 7 figure offers.
Chinese New Year -- Year of the HORSE or pony :)  Ushers in Goodness for every citizen and friend of Saborin !!!!


Dressage.com / TV are OURS!!!!!
Any country, any breed, any discipline, exhibition Our Private site & tv!

Email Ky@Dressage.com with your favorite tv requests. We have tons of film that has never been aired including Morgan Nationals, Shetlands given to Hong Kong 2008, clinics, competitions, exhibitions, interviews & more
Four years of weekly tv shows without reruns, now for our viewers world wide.  Less than 1% of OUR video footage ever aired.
Camels do dressage (really); Spanish Riding School quadrille and more; almost every breed maybe zebras or not :), competitions from beginners (German lower level two riders in arena at once) to Grand Prix, film locations including US, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Sydney, Slovenia, and more. Para-equestrian German demonstration -- could you ride blind, without arms, without legs and at Grand Prix Level.  These riders do.  Riders with special abilities at lower levels from lead line to canter from coast to coast. And a whole lot more :) We bought the rights, we own every frame :)  What do you want to see. Multiple disciplines:  jumping, driving, western, and more including dressage :) 

Please tell your friends, Dressage.com / tv is back !!!!!!!  
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"Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are."  Olde English
Gagarin and I both experienced misdiagnosis but battled on together ...

Once Up On A Horse
Memoir of Bonnie Sue Allan Rombach's Equestrian Life
A strong woman from a long line of strong women !
Why I decided to write my memoir
Had my decision to move overseas in 1962 been based on my desire to escape boyfriend problems or to follow a childhood dream of working with horses?
read more! 

Victoria Wagner,
Certified Financial Planner Now Author

Teaching children and adults about economics / finance through Whales
Partner with Save the Whales
Krillionaire -- search Amazon for free ebook download


or Stuff :)


You are invited to help Crowd Fund Dressage tv.  Network paid NOTHING nor did any organization.  Ky paid for everything :)
Ky invested her entire pensions, assets, a labor of love.  

Moving office/studio to new building, what treasures will we find?  Dvds, books, souvenirs from our travels, what gift(s) will you select? 
As of 2/7/14, Ky has $58 in cash. Wealthy in what matters, our 4 leggeds
Hilarious to be wealthy on paper, water cut off last week - Tulsa Mayor's office got water ON!!! ATT cut off phone -- NOT NICE

Crowd Fund details:  Max $1,000 per citizen (or qualified to be citizen) -- Nice, did not steal :) 
No amount too small.  $1 is fine.  Cash or in kind.
Ky is downsizing and does not need stuff:) unless consumable. 
Maybe you found a gift certificate, you won't use:), horse feed coupons; smoked salmon :), Earl Grey tea, Tiz would love Brown Sugar Cubes (or even white) and would share with Bucky :)
Each Crowd Funder will receive treasurers (if we can afford the shipping) and special recognition.  Repayment or special benefits - funder's choice. 

Email Ky@Dressage.com
Mail: Ky Houston, Saborin Acres
1000 N Lynn  Lane Road, Catoosa, OK 74015

Email your tips to

OLIGHT M20 Warrior
Special Operations
The ONLY Flashlight you'll ever need. 
1st responder
Buy the kit with extra battery & charger.  Amazon
Ky subdued a drunken American perp at Edinburgh, Scotland airport hotel :) and carries flashlight constantly Allowed in carryon luggage
Do NOT store gas cans in any building with humans / animals. 
Gas vapors can explode
Toilet Brush = Bucket Brush :)
Thanks, Sue L
Double Bubble Insulation
Lowered barn temp 20 in 110+ Barn warm in -1
Kids' foam play mats
zillions of uses: insulates water hose, levels concrete steps, barn door spacer,

High Traffic
Site for Lease
Point traffic to YOUR stable site

WoodRidgeFarm.com is Available -  turns out Ky owns it - 
Stable used Website & Ky for 14 years without payment 
Stable Owners Wrongfully Took WoodRidgeFarm.com Content, Too
Copyright held by Ky -
Entire WebSite Built & Maintained by KY
Ky's Professional Photos
 & Videos 'stolen'

 That's WRONG :(
Email Ky@Dressage.com for lease details.
Read More

Women Attorneys
Brave Enough to
Sue Giant

Ky is an attorney with over 30 years experience but not in civil procedure.  She has NEVER filed a lawsuit in her own behalf and hopes not to now :) 
However, giant international corporations sometimes use their size to mistreat customers. 
US states including:  Arkansas, California, Missouri and more.
Must not have represented any lending institution nor insurance company. Facts are clear.
Email Ky@Dressage.com.  

Live in Saborin Acres

Apply to Live in Saborin Acres, Bring your own unicorn :)
Country oasis, city amenities.  3,250 sq ft custom Manor House on approx. 4.1 acres including back yard pasture 1-2 acres. Horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats negotiable.
Ky built this home for herself in 1993. 
Oak library paneling, sound proofed every wall.  Could be one or two adults, or could be two or three separate suites with shared chef's kitchen, fireplace room, great room, covered patio overlooking pasture - 3 deer grazed last night. 
Police escorted adult family man out of house :(  Adult / baby wipes do not flush down the commode :(  No smoking means NO SMOKING -- red alert FIRE ALERT.  
Ky has passed background checks, Lessee MUST pass Police check. 
Perfect Lessee would have horse experience, farm experience, want to work for part of rent. Email Ky@Dressage.com 

Photo by Bonnie Rombach
Wayne Channon & Family now live in England
Gave the ride on Lorenzo to his son, Wayne is training his son & daughter!  Debra is eyes on ground, gourmet chef Read More


It's The Law :)


It's The LAW :)
Losers of a dispute, settle asap -- do NOT give other attorney time to think of more damages :)
Male horses MUST mark the center of a just cleaned, freshly bedded stall :) 
Universal law:  you may not visit any 'local' attraction within 100 miles of your home, UNLESS, accompanied by out of town visitors :)
Jan Brink & Briar WEG 2002
We met Jan's lovely wife.
Catharina, at Vegas, 2009 when Briar retired
They now have a family, a boy and a girl.  Jan always wanted to be a dad!!! even before he met his wife

G'ma NOT's Gems of wisdom

A place for everything
Designating a home base for everything, keys, glasses, manure fork saves hours and hours of your life so you can spend more time with your friends, human and non-human :)

Just for Fun :)


Beet Pulp true story and more



3 D Mustangs Documentary moving across US.  Highly recommended. Thanks, Marilyn!  1st Citizen of Saborin
April, 2015 World Cup Las Vegas!!!!!
  Linked NOT :)
Ky is linked to Ky :)
We had social media before the term was coined :)


Piaffe - Relevant

Canter Pirouette Briar

Passage Invasor

Classical Dressage (High School) Movements
The Spanish Riding School of Vienna; The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, Jerez; The Cadre Noir, France; 
and The Lipica State Stud, Slovenia are a few of the remaining places where you may see these classical dressage performances





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Red River Cereal Bread
New, super quick, super wonderful recipe.  No knead, rises once and then bakes! 

Infinity of Caring - Bernie Kahn
Our lives are measured not in years, 
but in horses for whom we have cared and loved.

 32 & counting
Professor Tiz  

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